Olympus Photography Playground in Zurich

Currently is the Olympus Photography playground installed in the Photobastei in Zurich. The entrance is free. Visitors can borrow a camera from Olympus for free and take pictures inside installations which have been built for the purpose: light painting, studio setup, fake perspective, light projections, etc.

If you visit, you have the possibility to print 5 pictures taken during your visit and the memory card you have used is offered to you by Olympus.

I have chosen to try an Olympus OM-D 1 and I have to say that a the camera is very nice to use. The design is compact and the numerous buttons allow you to easily access to the main functions in Manual mode. The camera is easy to get used to in a few minutes. A lot of creative features allow you to apply filters, shoot black and white with very convincing conversion settings, compose mosaics with pictures taken, etc.

I used mostly manual focus and I had some difficulties to be precise in my focus. More guidance from the electronic to make sure that the focus is correct, like a zoom on the focusing point would have been welcome.

Apart from this point, I have enjoyed taking pictures with this camera and would gladly do it again ! Here are some shots taken during my visit there.

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