Photography Workshop – Practice some setups inspired by Peter Hurley

A photography workshop organised by my friend Charles Salomons in Zurich, part of the Series Inspired Photography allowed us to explore and practice some of the setups and posing techniques proposed by Peter Hurley. It is a nice afternoon to have fun practicing some lighting techniques and go back home with a few nice portraits to add to my page.

Peter Hurley is a LA/NY based portrait photographer who is called by many “the king of head shots”. His lighting technique is straightforward, but more importantly, he uses his people skills to coach the subject to show their best side. This makes for a killer head shot recipe that delivers a great result every time.

Peter also gives workshops and sells DVDs which explain his technique in a lot more detail than we will be able to cover in the workshop:

Of course the result obtained cannot be compared to Peter Hurley’s high quality portrait, but in just a few hours and a cheap setup, the result looks already quite convincing. I am looking forward to see if some of those pictures make it the Facebook or LinkedIn page of one of my models 😉

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